String Tie Beads

photo-on-11-09-2016-at-2-39-pmHighly recomend these for any one experienceing any type of break angle issue on a flamenco guitar. My 1986 Conde Hermanos Media Luna (Felipe V ) had the high E, B and D string holes quite worn, offering hardly any break angle or optimum tone.They have made the world of difference, by placing the string break angle at its optimum point. Also prevents further wear of tie block holes.

Although not readily available where i live. Two sources i have ordered from are the Felipe Conde shop and Strings By Mail.


The only other option or solution would be to replace or fill the tie block and holes. Unless i take the guitar to Madrid to get this work done ( it is my dream guitar, the best i have owned, one ill never part with ) …so getting the work done here just doesnt feel like an option…

The added bonus of optimum tension point on the saddle is quite a revelation..