Fretless Guitar

A new addition for me, and In some ways to the world in General. A small community worldwide with the origins steeply embedded into Turkish Culture.

My interest in self intoning instruments stems back to the late seventies with bass players such as Jaco Pastorius and Percy Jones as well as guitarist Philip Catherine. The instrument itself has had a slow development but moving at a more swifter rate since 2010, most notably by the releases and online presence of maestro Cenk Erodgen. His site is a gem for anyone wishing to undertake this difficult instrument.

Along with Cenk, American doctorate of music, Buzz Gavelle has also been providing outstanding and inspirational additional approaches, compositions and performances, offering a more contemporary “American’ take on the instrument

As influential and masterful as the above but with a distinctive voice and production is the beautiful, majestic and haunting music of Sinan Cem Eroglu

an outstanding new voice and collaborator on the instrument .

Currently the above are my inspiration and catalyst for study. It is taking some time as traditional guitar technique has to be re invented to accommodate basic functions as Intervals, Harmony, Modes and Musicality. Often, Less is more.

My first instrument was a converted electro acoustic nylon which is still being tweaked for live performances. The Video demonstrates the first day I received the modification from Lauda Guitars

It is currently being reviewed and re set by Jordan at the Soundgarage.

The recent surprise that has provided a whole new interest and approach for me is a guitar on loan by master luthier Domenic Roscioli

Which are included in the photos below.

Will update this topic as the music improves.

Love, Harmony and Beauty.